God has given us all unique gifts, talents and abilities to build His church. We believe that one of the best ways to discover and use all that God has given us is to serve.

As you serve, you’ll meet others who will help you see what makes you unique. You will also experience the joy of God working through you as you make a difference in your community.

No matter what season of life you are in, Upper Room Family Intl. Church provides multiple opportunities to use your gifts, talents and abilities to serve God. Discover some of our ministries below and express your interest here.


The mission of the Outreach Ministry is to reach millions of souls who have not given their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. This would be accomplished, among other strategies, by equipping members for personal evangelism, creating outreach ministries, and communicating the gospel throughout our world by using various broadcasting media, church planting, and door-to-door evangelism. The Guest Retention Team (GRT), a newly created wing of the Outreach Ministry, is responsible for receiving new guests to the church and effectively tracking and following up with them. It is headed by the Director of the Outreach Ministry.


The Music Ministry strives to focus on New Testament meanings of corporate and private worship. Its primary responsibilities include continually striving toward an understanding and practice of true worship, providing opportunities for people to worship in varying styles, and preparing members of all races, gender and ages to lead the local church in worship.


​The Prayer Ministry exists to protect, preserve and advance the spiritual health of URFIC and its members. It promotes the creation of a “praying culture” in URFIC and builds a vibrant Intercessory Team to pray for church members, URFIC’s other ministries and the community.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry serves to educate our members on Sunday mornings about various Bible related topics, in a more collaborative environment. This department strives to equip our members with an understanding of God's word, whereby we mature in our faith with every lesson.


​The Youth Ministry exists to ensure that the spiritual, emotional and mental needs of the youth in the church are properly catered for. It also provides a platform for personal spiritual growth and maturity. Moreover, it prepares the youth for adult life, peer evangelism and other forms of ministry.


This ministry has the responsibility of ensuring that the children of URFIC grow up in the knowledge and the fear of God. It is our goal to assist the children to build and maintain a sound Christian character in a morally declining world. The department uses age-appropriate resources including educative CDs/DVD, videos, Christian literature and role-playing, among others, to present key Bible lessons to the children in very simple terms.


​This Ministry is responsible for ensuring and maintaining order at every worship service of URFIC. Among other things, the activities of this department include ushering, recording church attendance, ensuring a pleasant worship experience for church members and visitors and handling protocol arrangements regarding URFIC’s guest speakers.


This ministry manages URFIC’s audio-visual activities. It handles the Church’s musical equipment, PA system, computer, projector, and other audio-visual equipment. People with interest, knowledge and skills in computer, electronics and musical instrumentation will find this department an excellent place to use their abilities to serve God and URFIC.

Home Cell

This ministry seeks to provide a platform for connecting, sharing and fellowshipping with other members of the church living in the same vicinity and within the same area code. it also provides a forum for spiritual growth through Bible​ studies, prayers and other forms of fellowship. The Home cell ministry helps to promote church growth by encouraging members to bring their non-christian friends and neighbors to cell meetings. Finally, it offers opportunities for service and grooming leaders.

Website Management

Design, development and maintenance of the URFIC website is undertaken by this department. The ministry is responsible for presenting URFIC to the world through the internet.

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